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is the first u.s. auto maker to stop production. >>> one group of student athletes from japan decided to push on with their plans to the united states. we caught up with the lacrosse team. >> reporter: the earthquake hit five days before the ko lacrosse team was to depart for the u.s.. the school wasn't directly affected by the quake, to continue on, it wasn't an easy decision. >> that was really difficult decision to go ahead. but, we had a discussion, finally, we decided to come here. japan is moving forward. we have to go forward. >> reporter: the team will visit new york and washington, d.c. this week, they're in baltimore, not just to soak up lacrosse history, but also to play exhibition games sport is exploding in popularity and japan. >> the motto is, lacrosse makes friends. that's what drew them to the sport primarily. that was the relationship with johns hopkins and also, this opportunity to build friendships. >> reporter: and the players take the game seriously. >> they're passionate about it. they take it seriously. they've stud did more film than you can imagine. >> reporter: the
to one u.s. official, the new focus is on reactors three and four, where old spent fuel rods are in danger of over heating and releasing plumes of radioactive activity. >> it is dangerous than the meltdown, because there's more radiation in an unguarded fuel pond. >> old fuel, it actually is more dangerous than the meltdown. its radiation in an unguarded spent fuel pond, but a full scale meltdown remains a possibility. at reactor three, the 5-foot container of concrete and steel around the vessel is damaged. all u.s. citizens in japan should continue to carefully monitor the situation and follow the guidance of the u.s. and japanese governments. >> according to the official, this morning's mission to cool the reactors with military helicopters, dumping buckets of water has failed. the japanese plan is to restart with a power line. american officials fear they may not work. which is why the u.s. is sending its own high pressured pumps in. 180 workers, all at great risk to their lives are being rotated in and out of the danger zone. outside, thousands are being evacuated. >>
the 38 caliber revolver has been used to commit any crime. >>> a man was seriously hurt after being hit by a vehicle in federal hill this morning. according to police, the accident happened at 1020 light street just before 10:00 this morning. police are investigating the cash. the driver stayed on the scene of that accident. >> and in northeast baltimore, it appears slick roads may have contributed to a single car crash that sent a vehicle into the home of a pair of homes. the air bag deployed during the accident, but the injured driver was able toe get out of the car on his own. paramedics transported him to a local hospital to be checked out. >>> news around the world tuesday as moammar gadhafi forces gained ground and rebel units are forced to plea. the american role in libya is winding down. defense secretary, robert gates says the end will be determined not by bombs, but by politics. >> there will be no american boots on the ground in libya. the removal of colonel gadhafi will likely be achieved over time through economic measures and by his own people. >> according to a report,
in this community is that we've always served local seafood. brooke: without that, there's nothing that makes us special. we're just another restaurant. it's been a tough year in the gulf, but i knew we'd get through this. in some ways we're stronger. our whole community came together. bp had to step up. and i think they did. they stuck by the region and kept our communities working. now the gulf's back. our shrimpers and fishermen are back on the water. our beaches are clean. just in time for spring break. and we're back to doing what we love-- serving gulf seafood. when people found out local shrimp was back on the menu, the phone rang and rang. business gets better every day. we're making sure that tourists know they can come back, and we're open for business. i'm bryan zar. and i'm brooke zar. and we own restaurant des familles. we've got the best gumbo in town. but don't take our word for it. give us a call. we'll save you a table by the window. >>> so, do you need a job? forbes released the list of the top u.s. cities who need work. baltimore is number 8. salt lake city was in third and au
remarkable. >> in the past year police officers in every precinct of this county fought to keep us safe with every tool at their disposal. >> reporter: it's those tools that were boasted about today, in addition to old fashioned police work the police department credits its gang enforcement unit, unit domestic violence coordinators. and other crimes that can lead to murder. >> we live and work in a community where government and the community works together. community associations and organizations to make our county the best place to live, work and play. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office is also focusing on a witness protection program, and more. >> a very small number of individuals commit the majority of violent crime in this state. we think it's important we continue to lock them up and give good sentences on them. if they are in prison they are not out to reoffend. >> reporter: a tough stand on the back end with aggressive police work on the front end. a successful combination county leaders say, responsible for a drastic decline in county homicides. in baltimore county,
capture the essence of the heart of baltimore county. roosevelt leftwich joins us from the interactive news center to explain. >> reporter: baltimore is the charm city, virginia is for lovers, new hampshire, live free or die and annapolis, american sailing capital, wild wonderful west virginia. delaware, you must pay our tolls. examples of slogans that get in your head. towson now wants to get into your head and make you come there. a slogan can be powerful, makes people notice what you have. a good slogan can make you think about things, have you running to get some or just rattle around in your head, forever. photo folgers in your cup‚ô™ i know the words. >> it makes you buy it? >> i guess i thought of it when i went to the store. i'm like, oh, yeah, folgers, you know? >> reporter: towson wants to get into your head. towson has a university, shopping, center of the county. also has some cool neighborhoods, nice homes and cute little kids. now it wants a slogan to somehow tie all this together. >> towson is an area where everybody works together. the students, the people that work her
of the -- libya. the roll of the u.s. is backing off. >>> facebook is a way that many of us communicate. how young is too young? what kind of guidance to parents need? >>> it's spring and winter isn't willing to acknowledge that fact. it's a cold, gray day as we look outside at 695 and liberty road. the traffic is moving. we've been tracking the developments on air and online. we're standing by for a snowy weekend. >>> yeah, ironic, isn't it, rosie? this is the first full weekend of spring. we'll take a turn for the wintry as we see a chance of snow. in the meantime, a decent friday night. it's chilly. 46 at the inner harbor and 40 in york and 43 in came bridge right now. a cooler day than arch for sure. the average highs should be in the upper 50s. as we look at the satellite, the clouds are rolling in to the state. there were a few snow showers towards morgan town and far western maryland may see flakes. this won't affect us in any big way. we're crystal clear in the central part of the state. the next disturbance will be a game changer. we'll-- we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>> the po
? some say they are offended. what does the u.s. do with illegal aliens? possible action, u.s. shoots them into outer space and the u.s. puts them to death. >> reading the question and reading the answer, part of his homework assignment was pretty disturbing. >> the third grade teacher who was assigned was not identified. the district will decide whether there is any penalty for the teacher. >>> another mid-air mishappen. take a closer look. >>> and it pays to plan ahead. more on the fees the airline is charging >>> in tonight's consumer alert, automaker hon da is -- honda is temporarily cutting production. they say it's because of the shortage of parts. they are able to stay open with shorter hours. honda didn't say which models will be effected. >>> you will be paying extra fees if you wait to pay for carry on luggage, than travelers who pay on-line. if you pay over the phone it's an extra $10. flyers who pay for carryons early and aren't members of the airline's fare club. it affects how you're paying and you don't know. >>> twitter users could follow and track any seat. amtrak say
level. it's the next place for us to go. >> reporter: they're praying. the government doesn't create rights. >> the government doesn't create rights. that's taking our religious rights. >> reporter: two different views are on the street and on the house floor. the delegates debated the several -- civil marriage bill. spirited and never disrespectful. points were made on both sides of the civil rights debate. >> for those of you who equate it with civil rights and the movement. show me your hands? let me see the scars that my race has known. >> i'm going to vote yes for the unseen generations, the unseen generations that look back on this day and say, what was all the fuss about? >> reporter: it never reached that point. many said, it won't come up again this year. this openly gay lady says they don't see finding the necessary house votes this year. >> i don't suspect well. there's always hope and i don't expect that this will be the law of the land in the country. we hope to be one of the first. >> reporter: it's a fight be waged again next winter. in annapolis, brian kuebler, abc2 n
, this is an investigation done outside baltimore city. we're relaying on the information that's provided to us. ,. >> reporter: detective rowland was suspended with pay. now he's charged with a felony he will likely be suspended without pay. much more on the story here and online at >>> how chilly and raw it is outside right now. no question about it. temperatures in in the 40s. severe thunderstorm watch out for the western half of maryland. it does include on the eastern fringe of the watch area does include howard county, carroll county as well as frederick county, but most of the concern is out in the western part of the state and in northern virginia. now you can see that one cluster of pretty big storms here moving right through the hagerstown area right now. in fact we're going to zoom you in on that. you can see multiple lightning strikes being detected nasty little sell authority of martinsburg, west virginia. again tracking into hagerstown and frederick county in short order and this cluster mazur vie as it encounters cooler air over carroll county. that's why there
. barry levinson is the script writer. this was the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil before 9/11. >>> now, the latest on a man accused in the tucson shooting rage. he faces charges that includes the murders of a judge and an aide. gabrielle giffords and others were shot and six of the viewers died. >>> now, for tonight's top stories. the baltimore county police busted an auto burglary ring. three men took orders from a ring leader and stole parts. the ring leader is bailed out and his two alleged accomplices are turned over to immigration authorities. >>> a house committee voted 12- 10 to vote on the same sex committee. same sex couples will have the full marriage rights as other couples. >>> it's a case of arachnephobia for some mazda owners. it's because a spider likes to build its nest in the fuel system. >>> is that not the strangest recall you've heard? >> cars called back for spiders. spiders dig the mazda 6, man, what can we say? >> crystal clear outside. we should continue to stay dry here. i would say for another 24 house. by this time tomorrow, we'll have a few showe
the dock. especially if the boat hasn't been used recently. boat also, carefully check the forecast before getting on any trip and most important, wear that life jacket. for more tips, head to click on the story "coast guard stresses boat safety." >>> tense moments after a propaper tank ex -- propane tank explodes. anne arundel county fire says they were in another part of the construction site when it fell. and the control valve broke. that allowed the roughly 250 gallons of propane to spew into the air. firefighters closed three nearby businesses as a precaution. it was capped after several hours. >>> you can soon be paying more for that sip of alcohol. sales tax could be added for beer, wine and liquor. it would add one percentage point a year on top of the state sales tax over three years. >>> and it's world water day. environmentalists in annapolis trying to put an end to public spending on bottled water. they say cutting down on bottled water will cut waste and focus spending on public water systems. world water day was established by the united nations, to talk about
on the cutting edge of the area and they're making the latest use of the technology. what's most edge pressive -- what's most impressive is these are for real jobs. >> reporter: they also got a feel for a nursing lab and a fabrication lab. the last lab is where they learn how ideas can be identified into real life products. >>> weatherwise today, it's murky and ugly and temperatures didn't get much out of 230s -- of the 30s. current temperatures are down to the 30s in some spots. darlington, 39, elkton and cecil county, upper 30s. these numbers will be chillier when you throw in the wind. look at the wind numbers. the windchill factors rather. down in the 20s. we want to show you maryland's most powerful radar. we're all clear now. we'll show you, that's the case until saturday evening. the clouds are holding tough tonight. that's a murky evening as we fall into the 40s and actually, no scattered storms. it will be cloudy and misty. more on the forecast, coming up. >>> well, abc2 news was working to keep your family safe. we need your help to solve a murder. brian kuebler has the details in th
to doctor. they hope to prevent deaths. >>> more trouble in japan tonight. the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says all of the water is gone from one of the fuel pools at a troubled nuclear plant in japan. according to an associated press report, this means that there is nothing to stop those fuel rods from getting hotter and ultimately malting down. officials believe radiation levels are extremely high and that could slow down efforts to stop the temperatures from rising. >>> a delta airlines is pitching in to help the relief efforts. the company is donating a million dollars. $250,000 will go to the japanese red cross society, the atlanta- based airline will also match up to 5 million miles against customers donations to help transport volunteers and supplies. >>> and a county museum is trying to do it's part to help japanese earthquake victims. the national museum of civil war medicine is taking donations and celebrating the contributions of american red cross founder clara barton who is best for member for her work with wounded soldiers. donors can give online or on t
mandate the program used for all convicted drunk drivers. the ignition airlock system connects it to a breath system that measures the driver's alcohol level. if it exceeds it, the vehicle won't start. the vehicle was originally -- the device was originally swo deuced in -- introduced in 2008. >>> lawmakers say the state needs the federal government's continued help. jamie costello joins us to tell us about a hearing today to prevent some foreclosures. >> reporter: we see the signs in front of the neighbors, maybe around the corner, maybe in front of your own home. can't afford to meet the mortgage. baltimore has been hit badly in the foreclosure mess and the state says it's digging through the mounds of paperwork but they need help, from the federal government. so today, a house committee on oversight and government reform came to the university of maryland school of law to talk about fraud and lender errors. >> hopefully this kind of testimony will give them some second thought to slashing the funds that are so important to the people to stay in their homes. that is very i
about his admitted drug use and whether he could sue the network that is refusing to pay him. >> i have a different constitution and brand. i have a different heart. >> the actor insist now he's focused on taking care of his two young sons with his ex- wife. his current female companions are acting as surragate moms. so what do you think about all of this? is he a man angry about losing his job or does he have deep problems? roosevelt leftwich is joining us are the latest. >> reporter: what do you say about a man who has taken his problems and put his business on the street? sheen's anger and cbs's refusal to pay him are more than talk. he lost his job as a star of two and a half men after an apparent drug overdose. he talks about the drug binge that put him in the hospital. >> just because a person is well doesn't mean they are fit to work. doesn't mean they are a fit parent. doesn't mean they are living a responsible live. >> patients can be grandiose. either in the form of being supremely self confident. patients with minor forms of it can tell me they feel invincible. >> reporter:
they are actually predicting a good summer. roosevelt leftwich joins with us more. rosy? >> reporter: it actually cost me $45 to fill up this weekend so i know what you are talking about. everyone is feeling the pinch these days. they still want entertainment. and baltimore's tourism venues hope to fill that niche. it's not quite the tourist hub of an overcast monday in march but folks still like the inner harbor. and they are in town visiting their little girl. though she's close to 30. but they like the fact their airfare was relatively cheap and flight direct. >> we're going to take every opportunity to come and visit her. >> reporter: gas doesn't matter? >> no. we'll make sacrifices elsewhere. >> reporter: for a lot of folks, that's how they feel about travel. they will go when they have to. granted that long drive from new york to disney may be out but a quick trip to look at the giant pink pool looks pretty good. so our direct low-cost sites. city tourism says it's a bargain. >> we'll continue to do our part. with our tourism campaigns and advertising. we stretched it the last couple of yea
with us. i brought my cancellations and bp made up the difference. i wanted them to clean up our beaches, get back our gulf coast, and now the beaches are clean and tourists are coming back. i didn't know what to expect, but they did what they said they were going to do. our gulf coast is open for business and we're looking forward to a great next year. my name's rick scali. bp asked me to share my story to keep you informed. i wanted you to know that easy street, pet-friendly vacation rentals, is ready to give you the best vacation ever. come on down. give us a try, and don't forget to bring your whole family. >>> all right, in tonight's consumer alert, something for you to think about the next time you go to the grocery store. a new study finds most shopping cart handles are covered in fecal matter and e. coli. researchers at the university of arizona say not the only place that germs like to hang out. scientists find that the flu viruses can live up to three days on a dollar bill. cell phones, your doctor's necktie and library books are also covered in germs. >>> well the calendar has
charges of trying to use a weapon of mass destruction and possession of an explosive device. the bomb was discovered before it went off and the good news is no one was injured. rainy weather more headed our way tonight and tomorrow and some areas could get hit really hard. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> they can track this rain as it comes in wherever you are your mobile device internet check out the weather page. let's take it live right now. five sweeps scanning the skies. again you only see this here on abc2, five different radar sweeps. primarily right now we're just seeing the rain well out to the west. a little bit here northeastern harford county, very light rain that would extend up just to points north and west of oxford. but you can see more of the rain back out towards chambersburg green castle pa and down into hagerstown. travelers i-70 west going to be a tough go i think because more and more rain steadily working its way in from the west tonight. you can see flood watches upstate wide from the west to the east and along the chesapeake
kuebler joins us with what is next in this case. >> reporter: sergeant westin faces suspension by baltimore county police after the charges released today. he's now charged with second degree assault and reckless endangerment after witnesses say the off-duty officer accused two men of drug dealing, then hit the driver in the face and then pointed his gun. to prevent any conflict of interest the harford county state's attorney looked at this case and decided to file these charges. they are both misdemeanors which means westin will be suspended with pay pending the outcome of the criminal case. the passenger that night hopes whatever westin's fate he hopes it sends a message. >> i just want to feel safe. i want everybody to -- something has to change. you can't just keep doing what want to do because you're a police officer. >> reporter: westin is now currently suspended with pay and on administrative leave. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> thank you. >>> pretrial release hearing for baltimore actress and author felicia pearson has been postponed. prosecutors say a circuit court jud
like eating poorly, taking drugs and smoking, bullying is unhealthy for us. >> that's the message that the white house wants america to take from today's conference. >> putting a stop to bullying is a responsibility we all share. >> bullying can begin at a young age and continue into high school. every year, an estimated 13 million students are bullied in some form in american schools. abc news, washington. >>> and we're working for you. we've talked to the head of a school in owings mills who offers tips. maintain open communication with your children. take complaints seriously. if your child says they're bullied, believe them. kids don't exaggerate about being bullied. intervene, it's something that you need to do. >>> we're working to keep you and your family safe tonight. the police need your help finding a bank ron robber -- bank robber. >> reporter: we're working to keep your community safe. each week, we're highlighting recent crimes -- crimes in your neighborhood. we're asking for your help to catch a bank robber. this man is responsible for three robberies dating back to
of fish. the amount of fish that was found in these nets was simply -- well, it took us all by surprise. >> reporter: they work in a hard beside, it's harder to make a living. some legislators are proposing penalties like adding a fine for those who fish on a revoked license. it's the poachers who hurt the watermen like this. the department of natural resources would like stiffer laws to help enforce that. >>> and in the last two years, natural resources police have uncovered 24,000-yards of illegal gill net. >>> well, we have good news. temporarily for government workers -- the white house says that barack obama will avoid a government shutdown. he's pleased that congressed pass legislation that will keep the government running for two more weeks. >>> let's check out tonight's top stories. those protests by the west burro baptist church are protected free speech. the church claims that america's acceptance of homosexuality is the reason why military members are diagnose. this man sued for emotional disstress. the appeal went to the supreme court. >>> a vote is back on track. that's aft
for using it, but the conditions aren't there yet. >> reporter: the all time high of $4.11 in 2008 may not be that far off. this man knows he picked a heck of a time to start his own career business. >> i fill up the tank twice every three days that's $45 extra a week. >> reporter: the last time the reserves were utilized, it brought down the gas prices 3%. abc news, new york. >>> we're working for you, we'll help you track the lowest prices on our website at click on gas prices. go to the traffic tab and put in your zip code and see how much a gallon costs in your neighborhood. if the fuel prices continue to rise, the airlines are looking for ways to tack on more fees. so far, they've tacked on added fees to snacks and pillows. now, you may add fees for seats that recline more and insurance against weather delays and your flight and speedier security lines. getting ridiculous. >>> well, a tornado cuts a pass of destruction through a small town. the inside of the twister was caught on tape. we'll have more on the video and a look at the damage that the tornado caused. >>>
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